Industrial Drive Repairs

Reducing equipment downtime with repair, refurbishment and functional testing of all makes of drives

  • Elevator/Lift Drive Repair
  • Compressor Inverter Repair
  • Industrial Electronic Repair

Here at IDR, we are dedicated to industrial drive repairs that gets your industrial machinery and equipment up and running fast, with the best quality repairs and customer service, including 24/7 support. Our mission is to provide you with the most reliable repair and refurbishment service in the shortest time frame, to reduce downtime which could potentially damage your reputation or cost you money. Whether you need emergency assessments, repairs, a drive refurbishment or want to schedule a preventative maintenance servicing of your industrial drives, inverters or compressors, you can rely on our engineers at IDR.
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Elevator/Lift Drive Repair

Whether you operate lifts in a residential or commercial setting, you need them to be available for constant operation to keep residents, staff and customers happy. IDR can complete expedited repairs to keep your downtime to a minimum and also plan in regular servicing during quieter periods to keep disruption to a minimum.

Compressor Inverter Repair

Whatever type of application your compressor inverter works within, from gas processing plants to refrigeration systems to air turbines, the team at IDR has the knowledge, expertise and equipment to accurately test your inverter, AC Drive or VFD (variable frequency drive), to get to the root of the problem and fully repair or refurbish and test again, to ensure that it is in full working order and ready to be input back into your process.

Industrial Electronic Repair

With industrial electronics becoming more complex and therefore more costly, you need to keep your valuable assets working for you at an optimum level. Our proven repair procedures help you to get electronic PCBs and components working again for you, improving the efficiency and productivity of your production lines and saving you the expense of replacing your repairable drives with costly new ones.

A full inverter repair, refurbishment and functional testing service

We specialise in the repair of all major makes and models of industrial inverters and drives.

Working with drive manufacturers, including Siemens, Mitsubishi, Thyssenkrupp and Otis among many others, we can complete our repairs in a time frame to suit you. Whether you pick our Standard service (7-10 day turnaround time) or Urgent service (2-3 day turnaround time), we always offer full around-the-clock technical support and thorough in-situ testing before we send the refurbished drive to you.